Paintings – Ana Akbar/انا اكبر


2015 – 12 20/40cm


Ana Akbar is a tribute to the sun. She says: I am the greatest. To worship the sun is the base of every religion.

Ana Akbar refers to Allah Akbar. Religion is used to gain power and legitimise war. That is another way to look at the work – war scenes.

“Ana Akbar/I Am The Greatest” refers to the West and its material dogmas. Selfishness, greed, and addiction to renewal have become a new faith. Money is the criterion of all things. I am the greatest because I have the most.
The form and height width ratio of the works are the same as those of a banknote and in the underlying, now invisible layer of each piece, a note of 10 is painted.

Ultimately Ana Akbar is about me as an artist whom has to work within the ruling theme park/demonstration art culture.
Deeply aware I appoint the small and human works as the greatest.

November 2015