Mouvement Solitaire 2017

‘Mouvement Solitaire’ was a little vitrine expo – Van Iseghemlaan 53 – 8400 Ostend. On display was: a painting, a video installation and an assemblage.

‘Mouvement Solitaire’ took place from November 2017 till April 2018 in Ostend, Belgium.
This date was not chosen by chance, it was the same date as the big exhibition in Ostend ‘The Raft, Art Is (Not) Lonely, curated by Jan Fabre and Joanna De Vos.

‘Mouvement Solitaire’ was my intervention right opposite the Europacenter, one of the top locations in this expo. Everything started with an email I sent to the organisation of ‘The Raft’ after they contacted us concerning the use of our apartment number 340 in the Europacenter.

I consider this mail(below) as a work. And I created a special website to document my intervention:


From : frederic castiau
Send: thursday 16 february 2017 21:00
Subject: Europe Centre

Dear Mr/Ms X,

In response to your contact with X (apartment Europe Centre) I am taking the liberty to send you my details. I am the artist she was talking about.

When you told her “Unknown artists will also get their chance” you mean of course artists that already have a firm network and the necessary connections. I have none of those. I have intentionally been working under the radar for about ten years. I don’t have a gallery or contacts in the art world. My only output is my website. It shows a selection of my work, or links to it. If you take the time to take a good look at everything, you can get to know me.
But I’m not deluding myself.
Of course there is a good chance you won’t take the necessary time, or none at all, because it is simply scarce and your opinion already biased beforehand.
After all, the door through which we enter determines the status and how we are perceived and treated.
Some have the right to a cruise ship, others risk their life on a raft.
The art world is no different, maybe even more so, from the real world.

My introduction is a textbook example of how not to do it, I am not naive. I have already drowned in advance.
But in realising that an artist can not be cool, and that to ridicule himself and failing is an inherent part of the artistry, I occasionally venture the impossible.

With kind regards,

Frédéric Castiau


Send: friday 17 februari 2017 10:24
To: frederic castiau
Subject: Europacentrum

Dear Frederic,

I have forwarded your mail to the curators. They will let you know within the next few days/weeks whether they see a place for you in the expo. I would like to point out that we have been in the process of finalizing for a while. We appreciate every spontaneous proposal, but we also have our limits in terms of space and budget. Nevertheless, your work will certainly be looked at.

Warm regard,

Production The raft
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