Baboon! Eat Roots – October 2018

Video impression of my solo expo “Baboon! Eat Roots” October 2018
castle Le Paige, Herentals, Belgium

Half A Day Tourist – 2018 – 5’10” Ultra HD video shot on Robben Island, South Africa
Fighting Flags – 2018 – 6 oils on wood 15/17 to 29cm
Tipi Le Paige – 2018 – iron plates 215/80cm – osb 120/60cm – 2 a4 papers in plastic holders

-first floor
A.M.A.H. (Avancée Majeure A Herentals) – 2017/2018 : 20 oils on canvas 60/60cm – 200/125cm
Roots – 2017 – oil on canvas 125/200cm
Collages – 2018 – 8 half a4 papers
Mouvement Solitaire -2017 – assemblage with ice cream box, iron wire, paper, brushes, oilpaint


Brussels-North – 12 May 2018

Brussels-North is my Intervention for the COUP/E/E Collage expo (12/19 May) on railway platform 1 of the train station Brussels-North, Belgium.
23 other artists expose on the other platforms.

My intervention is a tryptich: 3 works on wood placed behind the glass of a telephone box.
– black a4 papers with the text: Et Pour Les Flamands La Meme Chose.
– 30 paper collages made with pictures of the photobook  ‘Blood And Honey/a Balkan war journal/ photography by Ron Haviv.
– white a4 study papers showing hand written Dutch to Arabic translations.