Baboon! Eat Roots – October 2018

Video impression of my solo expo “Baboon! Eat Roots” October 2018
castle Le Paige, Herentals, Belgium

Half A Day Tourist – 2018 – 5’10” Ultra HD video shot on Robben Island, South Africa
Fighting Flags – 2018 – 6 oils on wood 15/17 to 29cm
Tipi Le Paige – 2018 – iron plates 215/80cm – osb 120/60cm – 2 a4 papers in plastic holders

-first floor
A.M.A.H. (Avancée Majeure A Herentals) – 2017/2018 : 20 oils on canvas 60/60cm – 200/125cm
Roots – 2017 – oil on canvas 125/200cm
Collages – 2018 – 8 half a4 papers
Mouvement Solitaire -2017 – assemblage with ice cream box, iron wire, paper, brushes, oilpaint


Brussels-North – 12 May 2018

Brussels-North is my Intervention for the COUP/E/E Collage expo (12/19 May) on railway platform 1 of the train station Brussels-North, Belgium.
23 other artists expose on the other platforms.

My intervention is a tryptich: 3 works on wood placed behind the glass of a telephone box.
– black a4 papers with the text: Et Pour Les Flamands La Meme Chose.
– 30 paper collages made with pictures of the photobook  ‘Blood And Honey/a Balkan war journal/ photography by Ron Haviv.
– white a4 study papers showing hand written Dutch to Arabic translations.

Le Paige

I have the pleasure to announce you that I will have a solo show from 5 till 28 October at castle Le Paige in Herentals, Belgium.

More info to follow.

Mouvement Solitaire

You are kindly invited to the vitrine-expo ‘Mouvement Solitaire’, which runs until April 15th 2018 in Ostend.
This date is not chosen by chance, this is also the end of the exhibition ‘The Raft, Art Is (Not) Lonely, curated by Jan Fabre and Joanna De Vos.

‘Mouvement Solitaire’ is my intervention right opposite the Europacenter, one of the top locations in this expo.
Everything started with an email I sent to the organisation of ‘The Raft’ after they contacted us concerning the use of apartment number 340 in the Europacenter.

I created a special website for this intervention where you can read the mail – that i consider a work –  and see some images:

Mouvement Solitaire – until 15/04/2018 – Van Iseghemlaan 53 – 8400 Ostend (Not in the Europacenter, but in front of it).
(on display: a painting, a video installation and an assemblage)



“Of je nu schrijver, schilder of maker bent. Je verkeert in een staat van permanente ontevredenheid. Omdat je nooit in staat bent een werk te scheppen dat voldoet aan je eigen verwachtingen en omdat die verwachtingen ook nog eens lager kunnen zijn dan het ongevormde verlangen dat je tracht te scheppen. Het beste is altijd weer hetgeen waar je niet bewust naar op zoek was, hetgeen je tijdens het maken overkwam.”

Michael Haneke (in De Morgen over zijn nieuwe film Happy End – 16 november 2017)